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Campus Location & Area

Dafa Campus

 Address: No.1-10, Nongchang Rd., Daliao Township, Kaohsiung County 831, Taiwan (R.O.C) 

  • TEL:886-7-7889888
  • FAX:886-7-7889777
  Dafa campus is the main campus at Fortune Institute of Technology (FIT). It takes only five minutes to go to the Daliao Stop of Kaohsiung MRT, with great convenience in the transportation and the living circle. This campus is located near Dafa Industrial Zone, which makes FIT the best institute to provide the enterprises with best the incubation training and R&D consultation. 

Daliao Campus

 Address: No. 40, Sinyi Rd., Daliao Township, Kaohsiung County 831, Taiwan (R.O.C) 

  • TEL:886-7-7014242
  • FAX:886-7-7010363
  The Daliao campus is located next to the former Makro Warehouse in Chung-Chuan Village, Daliao Township, Kaohsiung County. The campus is centrally located near Fengshan City and Kaohsiung City. It is also close to Route 1. Both the Kaohsiung Bus Company and the Pingdong Bus Company have stops near the campus. In addition, the Ho-Chuan Train Station is only a ten-minute walk away. Students in Kaohsiung and Pingdong areas will find this campus easily accessible. 

Chishan Campus

  Address: N.O.125-8, Chiwen Rd., Chisan Town, Kaohsiung County  

  • TEL:886-7-6618851
  • FAX:886-7-6618850
   This campus is the site for the international education institute. For the time being, this campus is offered to the five schools damaged by the flood, including Taoyuan Junior High School, Taoyuan Elementary School, Zhangshan Elementary School, Jianshan Elementary School, and Xingzhong Elementary School.  

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