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School Badge

The Background of the Design
FIT was founded in the foothills near the convergence of Qi-Mei Plain and Nan-Zi-Xian River.
 Founded in such a spectacular and elite-gathering place, FIT stands firmly to breed expertise
of industry, commerce, humanity, and science. It inherits the excellent humanity-geography
tradition and then cultivate the spring-like, thriving, and accomplished grand education
legend on the fertile earth.

The Concept of Design
To strive for excellence and keep its endless education conscience and enthusiasm in the solid foundation.
The circular shape of FIT badge is made of ring gears outside and high-rising mountains inside. The mountains, whose up-rising peak placed on a broad mountain range, symbolize that FIT was founded on the spectacular and elite-gathering Qi Shan,developing from steadiness toward excellence. The badge, which was surrounded around the ring gear, symbolizes the never-ending education and learning pulse. And the white blue color reveals a firm and strong belief in the great undertaking of education .

School Badge
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