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School History
 On July 5,1989, Fortune Junior College of Industry was founded in Qishan Township, Kaohsiung County. It was then renamed as Fortune Junior College of Technology and Commerce in 1991. In 1995,the Extension Education Center was established in Kaohsiung City to promote the recurrent education and lifelong learning. Later in 1998,Daliao Campus was established in Daliao Township of Kaohsiung County. One year later, in 1999, Fortune Junior College of Technology and Commerce was upgraded as Fortune Institute of Technology (FIT). In 2002, Daliao Second Campus was established in Daliao Township of Kaohsiung County, covering an area of about ten hectares. In order to show the determination to strengthen industry-university cooperation and the teaching philosophy of applying knowledge to practices, Daliao Second Campus was renamed Dafa Campus.  Currently, FIT has four colleges, sixteen departments, and a graduate school. The electrical college includes: Electrical Engineering Graduate School, Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Electronic Engineering, Department of Information Engineering and Department of Materials Science Engineering. The commercial management college includes: Department of Information Management, Department of Business Administration, Department of Finance, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Department of Marketing and Logistics Management, Department of Applied Foreign Languages ​​- English Japanese. The hospitality college includes: Department of Tourism and Leisure Management, Department of Catering Management, Department of Property Management. The design college includes: Department of Product Design, Department of Multimedia Design, and Department of Communication Arts.

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