Clerk Of Extension Education Center


 Clerk of Extension Education Center is located in the city campus, in charge of programs such as the community adult education, the extension education, and the profession education for employed laborers, the programs of which include extension education credit classes and those non-credit classes. To follow the industry development and the vocational training policy of our country, the center works actively on curriculum integration among Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training, MOE College Extension Center, Training Employment Center of Kaohsiung County, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of the Interior, and National Tax Administration. It has become the best choice for those who wish to attend the extension education and to enhance their professional ability before employment. Recently, it has signed an agreement on academic interaction with National Chung Hsing University.


The focus of the training programs:

  • National certificate counseling.

  • Manpower incubation of industry-academic-training

  • Information software worker training.

  • Bookkeeping accountant training.

  • Logistic worker training.
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