Extension Education Division / Adult Education College


  In line with the Government’s continuing education policy, the Extension Education Division (Night School Division) of the Fortune Institute of Technology (FIT) was established to meet the education needs of people from all segments of society. The entire curriculum of the division is designed to meet the demand of the industry and to uphold trends in social development. Access to the campus is convenient, as it is in the vicinity of Kaohsiung, Fongshan and Pingdong City. Working professionals can enhance their competitiveness by enrolling in programs that meet their interests and job needs.

  The Adult Education College and the Adult Education Junior College offer specially designed weekend programs for adult learners. Students can enrol in programs via the various channels of college application admission recommendation recruitment, joint college entrance examinations, independent student recruitment, and school transfers. The designed courses not only meet the needs of professions but also offer barrier-free distance education. With the provision of distant education, students need only come to school one day a week and greatly reduce the time conflict between work and learning. It is the best choice of continuing education for adult learners in the greater Kaohsiung-Pingdong Area.
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