Innovation Incubation


The Innovation and Incubation Center is located on the Dafa campus. Based on the various specialty areas of the departments at FIT and the features of the regional industry (Dafa Industrial Zone, Pingdong Export Processing Zone, and the neighboring enterprises), the focus if the centre is on Green Eco Preservation, Digital Content Production, Cultural Innovative Business, and Tourism/Leisure Management Business - which includes the following items:
(1) Logistic Automation (7) Electro-mechanical Integration Technology
(2) Quality Control Technology (8)Semiconductor Technology
(3) Commercial Automation (9) Engineering Technology Analysis
(4) Digital Media Technology (10) Knowledge Management and Commerce Intelligence
(5) Product Design (11) Knowledge Management
(6) Manufacturing and Commerce Integration Technology (12) Leisure and Tourism Planning
Program Objectives

1.Integrating resources: employing resources from government, academic, and private corporations to promote and develop human resources

2.Information & Communication Industry: Sharing information system and networking to activate diplomatic systems

3. Community Service Expansion: Assisting local private business in getting government aids and working on infrastructure

4. Assistance with pre-copyright procedures: Providing consults and pre-operational procedures to assist the utilization of technology for private businesses.

5 Encouraging and helping a dynasty of enterprise can develop with the concepts of energy-saving and environmental protection, making the most of the techniques of reducing wastes and reducing pollution.


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