Office of Academic Affairs


Tel: +886-7-788-9888

Campus Ext: 2300,2311


 Fax: +886-7-788-9777


  The duties of the Office of Academic Affairs include student recruitment, student records and transcripts management, the issue of ID cards, diplomas and certificates, curriculum management, student academic advising and counseling, faculty instructional resources and development, faculty evaluation and teaching assessment, faculty teaching consultation and support, and secondary education teacher training. The Office of Academic Affairs continues to strengthen the academic quality of the University.


  • Improve teaching space and facilities to provide a comfortable and efficient learning environment.

  • Recruit competent faculties to enhance teaching capacity.

  • Improve the curriculum structure to reflect academic development.

  • Emphasize the equal importance of general, liberal and specialized education and enhance their teaching contents and facilities.


  • Reinforce the assistance with students’ coursework.

  • Promote the international exchange and expand faculty’s and student’s horizon to advance teaching quality.

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