Student Association / Leisure Activities


Student Association

This is a student formed and organized association seeking to link student across all majors who may have similar interests and goals.It provides a means for students to make life-long friends outside the classroom. For student, these clubs are like rain to newly planted seeds,making university life a place for growing and maturing from seeds into oung trees.With their free and open atmosphere,student clubs provide an interactive learning and rowing opportunity outside the official curriculum.


Our school Student Association offers a variety of diverse activities and pastimes ranging from the very active to the more relaxing includin entertainment,services,arts,and physical activities.It is our hope that students can grow and mature inside a happy and positive campus club environment.


Students are welcome to apply to new clubs based on their personal inerests.Our objective is to walk towards an'holistic education' approach,with the main aim being living and learning happil as a means of instilling values and coping with the pressures of life. 


Leisre Activities
In order to provide students who do not go home on weekends with healthy entertainment activities,we supply a pool room and table tennis area,as well as a basketball court,volleyball court,tennis court and,of course,a golf practice range. Students are welcome to use these facilities to realx and maintain physical fitbess.

At present,the pool room seems to be the most popular venue providing excellent relaxation and entertainment for oung students with every player appearing to be quite professional.Behind the pool room there is a tennis court,offering those who love playing tennis with a palce to relax and help circulate the blood circulation.

It is our hope that every student has a fulfilling and lively university life,working hard to strengthen both their boodies and their minds.
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