Student dormitory and Cafeteria

Dafa Campus


Student dormitory and Cafeteria

Wanda Campus
 The student dormitory provides students with a safe and comfortable environment. The dormitory consists of both two-bed and four-bed rooms, providing accommodation for up to 1044 students. Facilities include: air-conditioning and in-room bathroom. In addition, the dormitory also offers students an internet application service.





Food Services
Moreover, in order to provide added safety and security, male and female counsellors are on duty 24 hours in the superintendent’s office. In the office, there are monitors to oversee the operation of all public facilities. In the event of any abnormal circumstances, counsellors will inform the school ‘martial-art’ instructor on duty who is to immediately deal with the issue so that all boarders in the dormitory can feel safe and secure.

Daliao Campus


Owing to the space limit, there is no dormitory on Da-Liao Campus. But students can choose to live in the dormitory on Dafa Campus since it takes only ten minutes to ride a motorcycle here. In addition, there is a school bus taking students to and fro between the two campuses (Contact Us students affair office for the timetable). If students would like to rent houses/apartments outside, dial the number 07-7014242 ext 5500 for information.


Food Services

On the first floor, there is a grocery selling all kinds of food and drinks.Near the fence, there is a long-strip rest-zone with love seats and a coffee stand. The coffee stand offers several kinds of drinks, and there are plenty of shops in the neighborhood offering the drink and food of your choice. They will whet your appetite.

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