Technical Cooperation Office



  • Integrate theoretical and practical teaching, encourage professional certification, and promote license systems.
  • Broaden cooperative partnerships between college and industry so as to increase employment network.
  • Consistent technology trends and student’s skills improvement with research and development project.
  • Establish a strategic alliance of education, integrate inter-school resource and the substantive cooperation.
  • Provide career guidance counseling, specialty training, and Alumni Employment Services.


    Division 1: The Center of Employment and Alumni Services

    a. Statistics graph of planning graduate-employment in the 97-school year (ranked top 20)

    b. Photos: Collected from visiting private corporations, seminars on future employment, career planning, and internships

    Telephone: +886-7-7889888 Extension 2810~2812

    Fax: +886-7-7887851


    Division 2: The Center of Research and Development, and International Affairs

    a.During 96th ~98th school year, there were 304 cooperative projects with public and private institutions

    b. Received an award from “ The International Engineering Association” in 96th school year.

    c. Received an award from “The Ministry of Education: Higher Education Division” in the 97th school year.

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