• 1.The curriculum planning of this department aims to equip students with the basic logical thinking and analytical skills in industrial engineering and management. Their contents include production management, quality management, and industrial safety and health. In addition, the curriculum development priorities take into account the three major directions in the application of information systems. The curriculum planning of this department combines theory and practice. By off-campus visits, internships and students’ practice projects, the curriculum will enhance students' practical skills. The Department also encourages teachers to engage in practical research and cooperative education, so that they can integrate their practical experience into the teaching industry.

  • 2.The Interdisciplinary Program of E-Commerce Management in the Business Management College includes courses such as Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Electronic Commerce, E-business Applications, as well as E-Business and Internet Marketing Practices, the course of which will enhance students' capabilities of information gathering and analysis as well as resource coordination and integration.

  • 3.The contents of instruction are designed with the relevant certification tests, which will help students to obtain licenses as well as employment.



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