Our department was established at Chishan in 2004, and moved to Daliao campus in 2006 and have been here since. The first course design was made in 2005, covering three aspects: multi-media programming, advertisement design, and commercial design. We edited our course in 2008 and diverted our program to two fields: the application of cartoons in art and culture, digital media. We also completed our system during and filled our faculty during this period.

  In 2006 and 2010, we passed departmental evaluations held from the education ministry, and have been working hard to get the chance of interdisplinary projects, the total sum of money we had on this reached more than NT$ 10 million. UP to the moment, we had improved our faculty and the percentage of assistant professors, associate professors and full professor is 75%.

  In response to the national development and strategy, we have activated the modification program of the revision of middle and long term projects, and have modified according to the quality of students to suit also the social trend.  

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