Name Title Specialties email  Campus Ext
Loic Shiao Chairperson/Professor Rank Technical Expert Comic techniques/Creative Thinking t47004@fotech.edu.tw 3310
En-YI He Project-Appointed Associate Professor Rank Technical Expert Basic aesthetic / animation performance techniques t47008@fotech.edu.tw  
Wei-Ping Lu Assistant Professor Rank Technical Expert 2D graphic animation t47007@fotech.edu.tw  
Zhi-Liang Zheng Assistant Professor Digital music/Anime soundtrack/violin violin@fotech.edu.tw  
Fu-An Du Project-Appointed Assistant Professor Rank Technical Expert Comic techniques t47009@fotech.edu.tw  
Wen-Zong Chen Instructor Graphics c1216@fotech.edu.tw  
Ching-Feng Wang Instructor Counseling/Habitual Domains wangcf@fotech.edu.tw 2530



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